114 Days Challenge (update on Season 1)

Its time for some reflection. I also want to share with you how my journey to living on purpose for 114 days has been so far.

114 Days Sisters’ Challenge Network
So far I am the only member. It’s ok with me. Because I didn’t expect anyone to join as soon as I’d announce it.
I know sisters need time to trust me. And this gives me plenty of time (a whole season) to walk the talk. And prove that anything is possible to achieve in 114 days.

Happy New Hijri Year 1431
I think I produced a good video, being my first trial. Don’t you think?
I sent out greetings to some sisters on facebook. Again I didn’t expect much. Some wrote back saying “do I know you sister?” and others didn’t bother to respond. However, some were kind to greet me back.
Being a newbie to the blogsphere, I wanted to connect with other interesting bloggers. I want to know what life experiences and talents they were sharing. So I thought why not dedicate a blog. The aim is to get to know the blogger behind the blog.

Thanks to Allah Almighty I launched it. And my first interview will be with a very talented sister soon.

Fans and Followers
I don’t like to name those who like me as followers but “Online Friends / Sisters”. I was extremely happy to have Ange as one of my first blogger friends. And on facebook  Sherouk. I call them “Foresome online Friends”. Those foresome are special to Allah and to me.

I am still experimenting and curious about twitter. I get a handful of spammers, they are so annoying. I block them quickly.

I didn’t write anything yesterday because I was worn-out. I haven’t been exercising nor eating regularly. Which I know is bad, bad, bad! I need a fit body to accomplish my upcoming goals. So I will schedule time for exercising and I will eat regularly. Promise!

Unexpected email
Remember this post. Well apparently the university has a Google alert subscription. They read my post and emailed me. The web specialist said the vp-marketing and recruitment wants to speak to me.

We can learn four things from my experience:

1. Blogging is a powerful tool.
2. Use it wisely.
3. When someone complains pay attention. Don’t wait for three alarm bells! (Remember I mentioned 3 quit the program)
4. When you want to speak to someone, speak to them directly and not through a third party

This has been quite a long post!

I will update you from time to time. I will complete season one on March 24, which means there is room for more progress.

I pray to Allah that you and I stay motivated, in good health and be inspired every day to do some good.