Whats 114 Days Sisters Challenge all about?

UPDATE: posted on April 14
Since I'm the only one on this challenge, I have decided to stop publicizing it, until I have accomplished BIG GOALS Insha Allah :)

As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم) Sister, and Happy New Hijri Year 1431.

By now you must have heard a little buzz about Sisters Challenge on facebook and youtube. And wonder whats it all about?
I created Sisters Challenge website, so that we could celebrate this new year in a very bold way. A year we declare what we want, and really attempt to achieve it.
Sisters Challenge is a network for Muslim women, who dare to achieve their goals in 114 days. This space gives you the privacy to express yourself confidently (only sisters are invited). And allows you to connect with others who dare to dream BIG!

As for your second question. Why 114 days?

I just added an Islamic spark to it. Like you, I want to stay connected to Allah, and the best way to do so, is to read the Quran daily.

The Quran has 114 chapters. Thus, 114 days Challenge.

Our goal is that you increase your confidence, energy, clarity and get all the support you need, to achieve your dreams.

Insha Allah participants will reach unprecedented levels of manifestations, joy and fulfillment. 

Here is an easy guide to get you started on your journey of achievements!
1. Request an invitation to Sisters Challenge (send an email to ambermisk at gmail dot com)

2. Or just click the fan button on facebook and I will send you a membership link to Sisters Challenge

3. Set a date, by which you want to start your Season 1 of the 114 Day Sisters Challenge.

3. Declare your intentions and goals for the next 114 Days.

4. Select practices that you will apply for the next 114 days (a list is available on the site and other useful resources)

5. Share your journey on the site by posting blogs or video blogs, or both.

6. Invite your friends to this network and socialize with other participants.

7. Have fun!

Make this year special :-)

114 Days Sisters Challenge
Inspire. Support. Achieve.

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