Day 1. Plan a fresh start

Assalamu Alaykum :)

Ask me “how was this year for you?” and I’d tell you honestly that it was a year of connections and ideas, alhamdulillah. And searching deep in my heart for what I really want to accomplish.

My ambition is to open up a business. Its something I'm really passionate about (shhh it’s a secret for now). Previously I’ve blogged about it and set deadlines and wrote positive affirmations to get things done. But I haven’t taken the big leap yet (this is an uninspiring revelation).

Now ask me "what's stopping you? Going for the big leap means I have to get a part-time job and focus 100% on the business.

Its an unfamiliar territory, and requires trust in Allah . Insha Allah I plan to just do that … trust and leap

Allah said in the Holy Quran:
"....when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah, certainly, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him" Surah 3 Al Imran - Ayah 159


  1. As-salaamu-alaykum sister, I wish you all the best, and I know that your business will be a success insha'Allah, because when you put your trust in Allah completely, then you will truly only find success, SubhanAllah!

  2. Thank you so much Zarina :)

    Allah bless you


  3. Looking forward to the big reveal - which will be soon, InshaAllah. Just keep going, like you are. Luckily for us, Allah knows best :)


The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Do not abuse anyone…Do not look down upon any good work, and when you speak to your brother, show him a cheerful face.” - Sunan of Abu-Dawood, Hadith 1889